(January 23,2014) Me: "what happened?"

Marisa: "nothing go away! "


Marisa: "go away!"

Nilu: "she knocked the books over."

Me:(to myself) "ugly squirrel lover!"

(Second quote)

Karina: "how was the dance?"

Marisa: "weird."

Karina: "why?"

Marisa: "because they were doing a weird dance, and they were shacking their butts."

Karina and mire: "eww!"

Marisa: "I know and it was freaking weird, they were shacking their butts. Eww!"

(Third quote) February 11, 2014

Me:(thinking) "hmmm...what are they doing over there?"

  • walking torwards them* Marisa:" ew that's Emma."

Mire:" hi."

Marisa:(whispering)" why does Manda follow us everywhere we go?"

Marisa:"that's Emma.wait no its..Manda!"

Me:" me what?(sacrastic) oh gee thanks."

Marisa:(glances)" your welcome?"

Me: "what!? It was sacrasim!"

Marisa: "she's a loser!"

Me:"what?" Stop getting on my nerves!"

Note: lol! I showed her!