Here are the reasons why 11-14 year olds are bad in middle school.


Girls: they wear to short shorts that show there underwear and there butt! They also wear tan tops and spagttie straps that show there bras. They also wear to much makeup and dye their hair and aslso it there hair highlighted.

Boys: they wear there hair in Mohawks and wear t-shirts with drugs and blood.


In middle school the girls or boys often swear some even drink beer when there not spoussed to! They are into watching adult shows or movies that are PG-13 and R. They are mostly into texting and not caring about other people's stuff or what's happening in life. They can be loud at certain times. They also into rap music and hip hop and today's music. They love minecraft. They post selfies on Facebook,twitter,Instagram,and Flickr. Note: I'm not trying to be mean but this needs to stop be you're selfs that you used to be!