Here are some facts about me.


  • my real name is Manda but people call me Abby.
  • i fell in love with lalaloopsys in 2011.
  • I'm born on July 10,1999.
  • destiny101 is my sister.
  • my favorite lalas are peanut,crumbs.
  • I love sushi
  • I love gravity falls!
  • I'm in high school now.
  • my goal is to be an actor someday.
  • I love all the colors:)
  • I'm getting a wiki user in June!
  • my room is pink!
  • my disney create account is kittyfluff12.
  • I hate mushrooms.
  • I'm a my little big planet fan.
  • all the kids in my school swear.
  • here's all my links.

Just in case you wanna friend me or tweet me.

And disney create account is kittyfluff12.


My BFF in real life is karina. My BFFs on the Internet are Suzette and scraps!