The cameras on. Then mabel try's to squeeze dipper. Dipper: hello I'm dipper pines the girl that's crushing my head is mabel. Mabel:"I'm helping." Dipper: today on dippers guide to the unexplained..okay that's enough today we investigate #23 grunkle Stan's secret tatto...what is he hiding a college prank a secret symbol or something stranger. Stan claims it doesn't exists but today we are going to find out. Mabel: right after an exciting episode of..what's under Mabel's bandage. Dipper:"ew mabel!" Dipper: okay here's the plain Stan never takes off his under shirt obvisly to hide his tatto but me and soos are about to turn up the heat on this mystery. Soos: ha!ha! I love how you come up with stuff like that. Soos: whoo. Hot in here huh mr.pines...probably be a lot cooler if without are shirts on.. Ha am I right? Stan: soos I will pay you to put you're shirt back on! Soos: don't be like that mr.pines body's are nothing to be a shame of. Stan: what's the shock for the minute soos I need to go find a melon ball to pull my eye balls out. Soos: do-do-do-do hey! Da-Da-Da- Dipper: okay plan b..heavens is that posing oak on your shoulder let me scratch it for you. Stan:(smacks dippers hand) kid if your trying to see my tattoo you gonna have to try harder than that. Dipper: ah ha! I that you said you dint have a tattoo. Stan: I don't but you do. Dipper: what do you mean I...ahhhh! Dipper: okay plan c Stan is in the shower I wish I hadn't came to this but sometimes you have to do terrible things for science. Mabel: I believe in you goober. Dipper: dipper just say dipper. Stan: you're never gonna see it kid never gonna see it. Dipper: how long have you been standing there. Stan: give me that camera!! Dipper: so..I just figured I chilled out on the roof for a while.... Stan: I'm gonna find you kid!!!!! Dipper: well that's it for this episode Stan's tattoo remains a mystery but who know what other secret to still be uncovered. Soos:do-do-do-do-do hey Da-Da-Da-.

Btw: at the end it says I was so.